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VIP Consultation

During your consultation, you will meet with the doctor to discuss the goals for your smile transformation. There is no risk involved and this is a great opportunity to have all of your questions and concerns addressed with confidence.

3D Scan

We utilize the latest technology available to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. This scan will allow the doctor to plan accordingly for your unique treatment plan.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

It’s the Permanent Solution to a Confident Smile!


Restored Confidence

Throughout our process the most common saying that we hear is “I want to feel confident speaking, smiling, and eating among friends and family”. Dental implants are the best solution to achieve those goals and we’ve heard first hand how this treatment has changed lives. We know this procedure is an investment, but if properly maintained dental implants can last a lifetime and save you money in the end.

Let us help you restore your confidence and start living the life that you want and deserve!

Restored Facial Structure

Traditional dentures allow you to smile, but there is nothing keeping your bone from shrinking. Dental implants look and feel just like a natural tooth, thus preventing your facial structure from sagging. This is only one of the many benefits that implants provide!

Your Dental Implant Options

Fitchburg Smile utilizes the latest technology and procedures to give you the smile transformation of your dreams.

Missing just one tooth?

A single dental implant crown is your best option. It will:

  • Look and work like a natural tooth;
  • Restore your natural chewing action;
  • Preserve your bone;
  • Save you money in the long run.

Missing several teeth?

A multi-implant bridge is ideal for filling medium-sized gaps in your smile. These bridges are:

  • Incredibly strong;
  • A permanent solution;
  • Great at preserving your bone;
  • A life-long natural teeth replacement solution.

Missing lots of teeth?

Implant Stabilized Over Dentures offer a cost-effective alternative to regular dentures. These:

  • Snap into place over 2-4 implants;
  • Help prevent bone loss;
  • Massively improve your food chewing and tasting.

A Full Fixed Set Of Teeth

This full, fixed arch implant uses the latest dental technology to give you a dream smile that’s as good as if not better than the smile nature gave you. This:

  • Is chip and stain resistant;
  • Offers a permanent solution (does not need to be removed);
  • Is custom designed to fix onto 4-6 implants per arch.

Fitchburg Smiles Delivers
Stunning Results Every Time.

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We’re Trusted By Your Neighbors & Friends

Read why our patients love us. We go above and beyond to deliver upon our promise of quality care.

Ryan Pokraka
Read More
I have been going here for the last 6 months. I have nothing but the best to say about this practice. The dentist did an amazing job with all of the work in my mouth. His assistant is extremely nice and comforting. The receptionist is wonderful and very punctual with returning phone calls. They gave me excellent experiences at a dentist office, as well as a new smile. I would highly recommend them to anybody.
Marcy Michaud
Read More
This office is exceptional to say the least. We called for an emergency and they booked us in quickly. Office staff is extremely diligent. Doctor is very nice and welcoming. They have gone above and beyond for us from the very start getting to the "root" of the situation!! Thank you so much!
Steven Sterner
Read More
Excellent care I was totally taken advantage of by aspen dental a week ago. Fitchburg smiles took me in as soon as possible the procedure was done smoothly and quickly. They were very knowledgeable and understanding of the situation and took good care of me I would recommend this dentist 10 out of 10 times. Great place and great environment. Thank you so much for your services.
Marian Mailloux
Read More
I must say that every appointment has been a very positive experience. From the time I walk in the door and am greeted warmly and friendly by Brittany and Francine, I feel completely assured I am in excellent care. Dr. Abeed has made me totally happy to look in the mirror and smile again for which I am incredibly grateful for. An Erica is the absolute best dental assistant ever!! Thank you all so very much.
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Dr. Ebeed and his staff are wonderful people. I had not gone to a dentist for a few years. Over half my teeth were not good. I also looked forward to each appointment because of how comfortable I felt there. They have made me feel good about myself because now I am able to SMILE again. Many Thanks!!!!!!! Linda
Read More
It was my first time at Fitchburg Smiles, after not having been to a dentist in a while. None of the staff criticized me for not having gone sooner. The receptionists were wonderful, funny, professional and got me in quickly. Wait time was non-existent. DR. Nadar Ebeed was considerate, polite and I felt very comfortable the entire time. Though this was my first experience with him it will not be the last, he made a wonderful impression and is very good at his job. 100% recommending / referring friends to this establishment.

Complete The Short Evaluation Below to find out if you are eligible for Dental Implants and during March only you’ll get a FREE voucher for a 3D CT Scan and VIP Consultation!

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