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Periodontal Treatment

We all understand that looking after our teeth is vital for health, happiness, and overall appearance. This is why dental hygiene and regular appointments are a pressing priority for many. 


What fewer of us realize is that gum health is also crucial to dental hygiene. As a result, around 64.7 million Americans experience mild to severe forms of periodontal disease. Left untreated, this can lead to tooth loss that damages self-confidence and compromises dental hygiene on the whole. If this happens, patients often face extensive dental implant treatments.


Luckily, this is an eventuality you can avoid by seeking periodontal treatment with our experienced Fitchburg team the moment you notice symptoms including – 


  • Gums that bleed excessively from slight pressure
  • Tenderness/swelling where the gum meets the teeth
  • Pockets forming between teeth and gums
  • Shifting teeth
  • Pain in gums when brushing
  • Noticeable recession of gums from teeth


The sooner you seek treatment for issues like these, the less chance that the problem will get out of control. To ensure that you understand precisely when help is necessary and what it can do for you, we’re going to break down what periodontal treatments offer.

What is periodontal treatment?


Periodontal treatment refers mainly to the cleaning of teeth and gums to control bacteria that would otherwise cause gum disease. Typically, this goal is achieved through use of methods such as cleaning bacteria buildup where gums meet the teeth, and also teaching prevention. Ongoing treatments like these can help to address periodontal disease in its early stages and should be enough in themselves when paired with ongoing cleaning appointments and hygiene efforts. 


In cases of severe gum disease, periodontal treatments may concern more extensive options, such as antibiotics, and even gum grafts in cases of severe recession. Root planing is also a standard treatment option here. 


By addressing issues like these before tooth loss becomes an issue, your dentist can help you to avoid that eventuality, and further gum problems. This can help to prevent the need for more expensive treatments like dental implants, as well as ensuring your facial contours remain well-preserved for many years to come.

Understanding the stages of periodontal disease


To understand what treatment will look like, it’s vital to consider the different stages of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a progressive and varied issue and understanding that can help you to both prepare for and take action towards the treatment path.


The different stages of periodontal disease include – 




This earliest stage of periodontal disease is caused by plaque buildup around the gums and often manifests as bleeding and redness. If caught at this stage, improvements can be seen from simple changes to your dental hygiene routine, including proper brushing and regular flossing.




If left unchecked, damage from the plaque seen at the gingivitis stage will begin to damage supporting bone and fibers. At this stage, gums may show signs of pulling away from teeth and creating pockets where further bacteria can grow. Professional dental treatment, such as scaling and improved hygiene at home, should still be enough to address this problem.


Advanced periodontitis


If a patient still fails to take action, they will develop advanced periodontitis. At this final stage, the bone and fibers around teeth are destroyed, and teeth may shift or loosen. Some invasive treatments such as gum grafts could help here, but tooth removal may be the only option if that doesn’t work.

What does periodontal treatment entail?


If you’re uncertain about periodontal treatment, you’ll probably want to know a little more than merely what it is. By also taking the time to understand what options like these entail, you can both prepare for and seek the correct treatment for you.


If you’re in doubt about whether treatment is necessary, don’t hesitate to contact Fitchburg Smiles to arrange an initial periodontal consultation. During this appointment, a knowledgeable member of our team will be able to confirm any issues from a simple examination. If your dentist does advise periodontal attention, you may find that a course of appointments are necessary, in which you can expect treatments such as –


  • Advice on better dental hygiene at home
  • Flossing demonstrations
  • Scaling sessions which remove tartar
  • Removal of bacteria and calculus
  • Root planing to smooth root surfaces and discourage further bacteria
  • Antibiotics to control further infection
  • Surgical treatments in extreme cases


At the start of your treatment, your dentist will be able to give you some idea of how many sessions will be necessary, though a course of visits over a few months is usually needed to track improvements.

The benefits of periodontal treatment


Periodontal treatments come complete with a whole host of benefits that patients are regularly glad to experience. If you’ve been avoiding treatment, consider that finally booking an appointment with a member of our team could introduce you to those benefits. The results you can enjoy seeing after as little as one appointment include – 


  • Drastic reduction of bacteria in the mouth
  • Decreased risk of bone loss
  • A smile you can be proud of
  • Cleaner teeth 
  • No more bleeding gums
  • Reduced sensitivity or soreness
  • Much less chance of tooth loss


It’s also worth noting that periodontal disease does bring an oral-systemic connection along with it. In other words, studies suggest strong links between the prevalence of periodontal disease and issues such as memory loss, diabetes, and even heart disease. As such, patients who finally tackle this problem with reliable treatment plans can enjoy improved overall health moving forward.

Make periodontal treatments possible by spreading your costs


Cost is a leading factor in reluctance to tackle periodontal problems. Treatments like these can be lengthy, after all, and payments are on a per-appointment basis. 


This is an issue we’re aware of at Fitchburg Smiles, and it’s something we aim to tackle with our flexible payment plans that are 100% suited to your affordability.


This way, you can enjoy the quality periodontal treatments provided by Dr. Maged El-Malecki and the rest of our knowledgeable team, all at a cost you can manage.

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