With a genuine love for his craft, Dr. el-Malecki continuously strives to fuse the power of art and technology to design beautiful smiles. Motivated by his passion for esthetics, Dr. el-Malecki channels his eye for symmetry and beauty into the cosmetic dentistry practice.

A 2002 graduate of the Boston University School of Dental Medicine, Dr. el-Malecki is recognized by the Leading Physicians of the World as one of the world’s top cosmetic dentists and was recently honored as a “Doctor of Excellence.” He is also an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, where he develops innovations in cosmetic dentistry and encourages the highest standards of ethical conduct and responsible patient care.


Dr Shah has been practicing Dentistry since 2012. Her belief is that patients’ oral health is the key to their overall health including their mental health-care. Her aim is to provide quality care designed specifically based on their unique needs. While she fascinates and is skilled at cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, she strongly believes that preventive dentistry is the foundation of dental care. The goal of preventive dentistry is to maintain a good healthy smile as well as positive hygiene standards that will prevent extensive treatments down the lane. Her treatment plans such as dental bridges, implants, tooth extraction, root canal treatment or simple tooth fillings are directed towards a fully functional and beautiful rebuilding of your smile.

Dr.Shah is happily married for last 5 years to her husband who is also a dentist. Together they enjoy traveling, attending CE courses, spending time with family and friends and listening to pop rock music.